Self- Defense and Personal Protection

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C.O.B.R.A. Self- defense Systems and Programs

SAFETY Certified Training, LLC and E. Santistevan are the owners of the Denver, CO Authorization of COBRA Self- Defense Systems, COBRA FIT and COBRA Fighting Systems from COBRA International.

We offer the following for Self- defense in Denver: (You can also jump over to our COBRA specific page for more information on our Programs)

All of our programs can be held at our facility in Thornton or your location, anywhere in Colorado and the Continental United States.

CLASS OFFERINGS. (Please refer to our Main COBRA Page for full class Descriptions.)

Adult and Teen Self- Defense. 4.5 hours (half day) (Ages 12+ with an adult present) and Adult 18+ Regardless of Physical Condition or Age.

  • This program is designed to give Women, Men and Teens the knowledge and the Basic Skills needed to defend themselves against a violent attack. We incorporate Demos and drills into this half day of fun systematic academy learning format. This is about getting you the training you need regardless of any physical limitations you may have. **Remember, Criminals don’t stop to interview you and ask what hurts and what they shouldn’t do to you. You need to be prepared for a full on attack.

10 Week Academy. 2 hours per week for 10 weeks. (Ages 13+ with an adult and Adults 18+ Regardless of Physical condition or Age.

  • In this 10 Week course. aptly named “The Police Academy for Citizens”. We will explore the Criminal mind, Self- defense knowledge and a lot of the Physical techniques needed to defend yourself.
  • We will go through a full knowledge base of what works and what doesn’t. Some Myth busting and ways of keeping yourself safe outside in the real world. 
  • Academy style teaching with NO Belts, NO Egos and NO Uniforms.
  • We use Real Life, Real World Scenario based teachings as we progress through the 10 weeks.
  • Physical techniques in
    • Striking (Offensive)
    • Escaping (Defensive)
      • Wrist Grabs
      • Bear Hugs
      • Head Locks
        • Rear, Side- Front facing and Rear Facing 
      • Chokes- One and Two handed\
    • Blocking
    • Kicks
    • Ground Fighting
    • Edged Weapons Defense
    • Firearms Defense
    • Much…Much… More
  • The culmination of 10 weeks takes you to the coveted ‘MATRIX’ and utilizing the skills you have learned over the past 10 weeks against your Instructors.

C.A.P. (Child Abduction Prevention) 2 hours. (Ages 5- 11 or 12)

  • This class is for the ‘Littles’ in your life. We focus on the realities of Abductions and the unfortunate realities for children in this age group.
  • We teach them about everything from Physical Descriptions, How close is too close and how to “be like a squirrel” and fight their way out of the hands of an abductor. 911 simulations, scenarios and many techniques they can use that are age appropriate. 

Teen and College Safe (Ages 13 and up through College Ages)

  • This is a 4.5 hour class designed with Teens and College age that will be going off to College. 
  • Reality if that Criminals are on the College Campus too. What can your Teen do to protect themselves? Self- defense isn’t just about Physical Technique. It’s understanding when and how they may be influenced or even drugged to be taken advantage of. How do we protect them? By Investing a little time into our children and not pretending that “this could NEVER happen to us”.

A.S.R.P. (Active Shooter Response Planning)(Designed for groups)

  • Here is the reality. Over 70% of Mass Shootings happen in other places and not in schools.
  • This program can be customized to your group in length and what material you would like covered. We have done these in short 2 hour seminar with basic information, all the way up to very large groups of 100+ and a full day of scenario based training. From the moment an ‘Active Shooter’ shows up to the plans and techniques that increase the number of survivors and hindering the ability of the Active Threat to continue and in most cases stop them.
  • Give us a call and we can set up an appointment to understand better, what you would like to accomplish with this type of training.

We also have other programs that we offer. Call to find out more.

  • Protection Specialist Training (Security/ Law Enforcement)
  • Bully Defense Action Plan Training- If your kid is getting Bullied this is a good one for you.
  • Real Estate Agent Safety/ Defense Training
  • Self- Defense for ANY industry that anyone can do.
  • Corporate Training and Team Building



Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar for Groups of 10 or more. (NRA course- NO firearms just real information)

Teaches strategies people can integrate into their everyday lives to avoid becoming a victim of crime. A complete seminar may last as long as four or five hours and include the entire lesson plan, but a modified seminar may be as short as one or two hours and cover topics that best suit the needs of a particular audience. This is not a firearms instruction course, and does not include instruction in physical combat self-defense. Seminars teach common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of, and a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive and easy to follow. The seminar includes classroom instruction on criminal psychology, automobile crimes; cyber safety, home security, and a variety of crime prevention strategies including carjack avoidance techniques, use of personal safety devices, and more. Students receive a course completion certificate.