Training is Important

As we provide training of all sorts, it’s important to understand that this is not for anybody that has a special occupation. Just as you would train and learn if you decided to bake cakes or become a Truck driver, it is important to take Reality Based Training from safetycertifiedtraining and

Life happens fast and it is very important you have the proper Pistol Training in Denver. You will always fall to the lowest level of training you have taken. If you don’t train properly you will either Freeze, Flight or Fight. But the brain works where 90 out 100 people will freeze.

Take the time, call us today or schedule you class now.

Self Defense is for everyone.

Here at COBRA Defense Denver we are your Self defense and firearm education center. We are near you and in your community. We understand your concerns and we want to work together to address those concerns. We want to provide you with excellent training by full time professionals in this industry. Our business is personal safety and training you, your family and your friends is our mission.